Students are expected to reach the school before 9 am. Late comers should get the ‘Late Note’ and signature in the handbook from the Principal, before entering the class.

All students are supposed to come to the school with school uniform on all working days, except on their respective birthdays. Uniform pattern should be followed strictly. All students are supposed to bring the school diary to the school daily. School assembly will be conducted on Wednesdays and Saturdays. All children are supposed to use English as the medium of communication in the school and in the school bus.

Students are expected to maintain the class room discipline all the more. They have to greet the teachers and the classmates every day. Students should maintain silence when teacher is teaching. Unwanted comments, teasing, mocking of teachers or mates, are punishable. Absenteeism shall be avoided. When it is unavoidable, leave application, printed in the school calendar, duly signed by the parents/guardian, should be submitted to the class teacher. Failing this, the student will not be permitted to enter the class. If any student is absent for 15 consecutive days, their name shall be removed from the rolls. If the attendance of any child is less than 85% for each semester, that student will not be permitted to attend SA exams.

Students are not permitted to leave the school premises during the school hours without written permission from the principal or the concerned authority. Students are not permitted to give gift to the teachers or to arrange any kind of celebration in the class room or in the school premises.

Students are not allowed to receive any visitors to the school or to leave the class to attend phone calls. Students are not allowed to bring any sharp objects to the school that can cause injuries Students are not permitted to come to the school wearing any jewellery ornaments like bangles or necklaces or earrings etc. Students are not permitted to celebrate their birthdays in the school or in the school bus, with cakes, pastries and other expensive items.

Students are not allowed to bring to the school any kind of junk foods, bakery products with plastic cover and any other plastic items to the school, in their tiffin box.

Students are prohibited to bring crackers, toys, gadgets, electric and electronic items, camera, cell phones etc. to the school. If a student is found with mobile phone it will be confiscated by the concerned authority and may hand over it to the parents/guardian only at the end of the academic year. Students are expected to safeguard the school building, furniture, all types of equipment and machinery. Spitting, grafting, damaging or disfiguring any school property, furniture or building, will be punished with fine and the cost of damage or repairing; it may even bring you suspension from the school. Students are not permitted to keep their hands on other student’s shoulder/ body and move around in the school campus and in the school bus.

If any student is found with smoking, using and facilitating of alcohol or drugs or intoxicants or any stimulants, in and around the school premises, will be dismissed from the school with immediate effect. Use of abusive language, rowdyism, bullying, ragging and violence in any form, will be punished with termination from the school with immediate effect.

Casteism, communalism is strictly prohibited and punishable with suspension; and dismissal from the school for some grievous offence in this regard.

Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, unsatisfactory application to studies, disobedience, objectionable moral influence and unsatisfactory conduct in and outside the school will bring dismissal from the school In and out of the school, all students should behave in a way that brings honour to him, to the school and to the family.

Principal’s permission is required for a student to take part in any competition or activity, conducted by any external agency.

All students are demanded to maintain discipline, honour and status of the school by orderly behaviour during any public meetings, cultural events or sports competitions.

Students should make the maximum use of the school library. Students are permitted to take two books per week. Rules of library and reading room are to be strictly followed. Library card will not be issued for a third time. No students are permitted to circulate the library books to other students, in and out of the school. The name of those students, who violate this, will be blacklisted and no books will be issued to them thereafter. Students are prohibited to circulate or distribute any books, magazines, journals, handbills, CDs, Pen drive or any such kind of objects in the school premises. Students are supposed to get permission and signature from the principal and the class teacher to publish any article, drawing on the notice board.

Students, who have fees due against him/her, will not be permitted to represent the school for any sports, co-curricular and cultural competitions.