“Intellect is God’s gift. Knowledge is acquired.”- Bobe Jones

De Paul has completed 10 years of its existence. It has been joyful and successful to a great extent with the hard work and commitment of the teachers and all other staff members, the performance of our students, both in studies and behavior as well as the support of the parents.

We are stepping on to the new academic year. It is joyful that we have been affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi. It is going to be demanding as well as the CBSE board is very well known for its strict rules, mandates and curriculum. It demands continuous, progressive and disciplined output from its students. Neither does it compromise with the requirements of infrastructure. Hence the days ahead are very much demanding and as much challenging for the management, teachers, parents but most importantly for students.

We got to go a long path of the journey of our life. The logo of our school speaks about what we ought to hold on;

We are the vehicles

Dedication is the engine and

Perseverance is the fuel which moves us onward to....

Achievement is the destination.

Winners are ordinary people with extraordinary hearts. I request all the staff and students to dedicate for better morrows. Let us remember the famous words of Thomas Alva Edison: “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% achieved”.